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Our non-profit association represents specialty trade contractors and suppliers in California. We achieve positive change for our members through advocacy, education, and networking. For more information, go to about us and follow the links.


CALPASC launched a comprehensive program, called LEVEL, to push for enforcement of flagrant violators. Currently in California, too many trade contractors are consistently and systematically violating important labor and safety laws and regulations to gain an unfair competitive advantage. This threatens our businesses, so CALPASC has elevated this widespread problem to a top priority.

Go to the LEVEL webpage for more information, including steps to file a claim, and read our alerts and bi-weekly e-mail newsletters for the latest on this program. Also, check out the LEVEL Brochure, a short video, the LEVEL Sponsorship Form, and a webpage listing our LEVEL sponsors.

LEVEL in the media: Press releases in 2013: December 5, October 29, October 17, October 10, August 26, August 13, July 30, June 7,  May 9, April 25, April 23, March 28, February 5, January 25. Press releases in 2012: December 20, December 10, November 8, November 5, October 09, September 27, September 19, August 2, June 27, June 14, May 24, May 14, April 24, March 5, February 28February 27, and January 30. Press releases in 2011: December 12December 9November 3October 24September 15September 12, August 24July 29June 29May 23, May 19April 14, March 15, March 3February 16, January 31 and January 20. Follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on LEVEL.

California Contractors And CALPASC Commend State And Local Agencies For Keeping The Heat On Fraudulent Contractors To Level The Playing Field. Click here for the press release .


  • There are three CALPASC regions within our statewide organization.
  • To fight for fundamental fairness and curb the unjust transfer of risk, we advocate for residential and commercial subcontractors in the California legislative, regulatory, and judicial arenas. 
  • CALPASC has published a brochure highlighting its major accomplishments. Click here to quickly gain an appreciation for what CALPASC has done to curb unjust risk transfer, and unite the trade contractor community.
  • Our Document Library contains over 300 reviewed contracts and other critical pieces of information.
  • CALPASC staff and our Boards and Committees are very committed to the mission of our organization and to providing excellent member services.
  • The CALPASC PAC has been established to raise money for contributions to candidates who support our issues.

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