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CALPASC has always been about a level playing field for professional trade contractors. The LEVEL program has been designed to go after unethical members of our industry who have cheated us out of work time and time again. We need to get behind this program and galvanize our fellow professionals to do the same.

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Currently in California, too many trade contractors are consistently and systematically violating important labor and safety laws and regulations to gain an unfair competitive advantage. Their unscrupulous actions threaten the livelihoods of professional and ethical trade contractors. Too often builders and general contractors hire cheaters solely because of their very low bids.  Enforcement agencies occasionally bring flagrant violators to justice, but much more needs to be done. CALPASC is addressing this deep and widespread problem as a top priority under the banner of the LEVEL Program. It stands for Lasting Effective Violator Enforcement Leadership.

Key Problem Areas

  • Employers paying cash or partial cash to employees
  • Independent contractor fraud
  • Workers’ compensation premium and payroll fraud
  • Prevailing wage violators
  • Certification violations
  • Cal/OSHA  violators (e.g.: fall protection)


We need to reform the system of enforcement whereby flagrant violators will be punished more frequently, more severely, and quickly for its unethical business practices. The reform should not include additional regulations, but rather the effective enforcement of existing laws and regulations to level the playing field for trade contractors and promote quality construction. CALPASC has the plan, the know-how of and relationships within the enforcement agencies, the resources, the credibility, and the focus to affect positive change. To help CALPASC be successful, we will need your support and participation...or at the very least your membership. If you are in a position to introduce CALPASC's Brad Diede to leaders of other associations who may want to join our coalition, please let him know. For details about our comprehensive action plan or to communicate with a state agency, contact Bruce Wick.

On a parallel track with helping to reform the system, We have launched an aggressive awareness campaign so stakeholders truly understand the gravity of the problem and media outlets will be engaged to expose flagrant violators in our industry. CALPASC will likely step on a few toes, but that's a small price to pay to help professional trade contractor businesses survive in this business climate.

Filing a Claim

You are highly encouraged to file an anonymous claim, and CALPASC will help you along the way. The steps in the process are as follows:

  1. You contact Bruce Wick by e-mail or phone at 909-793-9932 if you suspect a certain trade contractor to be a flagrant violator.
  2. By researching the matter further with you, Bruce will help qualify whether or not the claim should be considered for probable investigation by a state agency.
  3. If the claim qualifies, CALPASC will communicate directly with the appropriate state agencies' contacts to notify them that they will be receiving a call from a CALPASC member/supporter regarding an alleged violation.
  4. Bruce will follow-up with the CALPASC member/supporter who made the claim and the state agency to encourage the investigation moves forward.

As of June 1 this activity has resulted in 35 qualified claims, almost all of which brought charges and or have turned into investigations. We expect many more to follow, and when fines, penalties, criminal action, etc. results from it CALPASC will send hard-hitting press releases to high-profile media outlets across the State.

LEVEL Sponsorships

CALPASC needs resources to properly execute the LEVEL Program, which will help legitimate contractors get the work and not the cheaters! For as little as $100 you may become a LEVEL sponsor, and be recognized as such on our website, in e-mail blasts, and on printed materials that will be distributed at CALPASC events. You do not have to be a member to be a LEVEL sponsor. For a list of sponsors go to our LEVEL Sponsorship Page, and click here to learn more about sponsorship options or to sign up. 

Thanks to our following "Reform" and "Enforce" Sponsors!



LEVEL in the News

2013 Press Releases and Media Statements (in reverse chronological order)

  • December 5  California Contractors And CALPASC Commend State And Local Agencies For Keeping The Heat On Fraudulent Contractors To Level The Playing Field
  • October 29 California Contractors And CALPASC View Insurance Commissioner's New Grant Program As Effective Tool To Fight Fraud
  • October 17 California Contractors React To Statewide Undercover Sting Operation
  • October 10 CALPASC And Construction Industry Groups Salute Agency Cooperation For Yielding Fast Results
  • August 26 Collaboration Reaps The Right Rewards
  • August 13 California's Legitimate Contractors and CALPASC Encouraged As DIR Continues To "Lean" On Unlawful Contractors
  • July 30 California's Honest Contractors And CALPASC See Justice Served
  • June 7 Another Round Of Citations For Prime Construction Contractors
  • May 9 CALPASC Sees Commissioner's Announcement As "Warning" To Prime Contractors And Public Agencies That Hire Bad Subcontractors
  • April 25 CALPASC Commends California Commissioner's Efforts To Protect The Public's Trust
  • April 23 CALPASC Responds To California Commissioner's Training For Investigators On Public Works Projects
  • March 28 Contractors Reminded The Hard Way That Prevailing Wages Must Prevail On Public Works Projects
  • February 5 CALPASC And Construction Contractors Encouraged By Charges Against Pool Company
  • January 25 Construction Contractors And CALPASC Are Pleased Air Conditioning Company Gets Heat From State Labor Commissioner

2012 Press Releases and Media Statements (in reverse chronological order)

  • December 20 State Enforcement Agencies End With A Strong Effort in 2012 
  • December 10 Construction-Employer Associations View Workers' Compensation Reform And Regulations As Part Of A "Double-Edged Sword" To Fight Fraud
  • November 08 California Contractors Praise Labor Commissioner's Office For Getting At The "Root Of the Cause"
  • November 05 Enforcement Agencies Find Millions of Dollars in Construction Underground
  • October 09 California Contractors Congradulate CDI Fraud Divison and San Joaquin Valley Premium Fraud Force 
  • September 27 CALPASC Salutes Local Agency's Persistence To Sang Long-Time Offender 
  • September 19 CALPASC Views Workers Comp Reform as "Dodging A Bullet" In Battle Against The Underground Economy
  • August 2 CALPASC Continues Pushing for Investigative Clean-Up of Construction Industry
  • June 27 CALPASC Praises CDI's Work in Arresting Owners on Workers' Compensation Fraud
  • June 14 CALPASC Warns Contractors To Beware: Defraud Taxpayers, You Lose Your Business
  • May 14  California Subcontractors Welcome News Of Apprehended Owners And Employees Using Phony Names And Phony Claims
  • May 24  Collaboration Continues to Validate Program's Purpose
  • April 24 California Roofing Company Finally Brought to Justice after Years of Fraud
  • March 5 Press Release on contractors throughout California being pleased that justice is finally being served with the sentencing of Amzie Holley of Orange County-based So Cal Roofing to time in jail for multiple felony counts of insurance fraud.
  • February 28 Media Statement by CALPASC commending the Labor Commissioner's Office creation of the Criminal Investigative Unit to uncover employers who commit wage theft and other illegal activities against workers.
  • February 27 Press Release on CALPASC watching State Agencies closely as they target unscrupulous contractors, and seeing the count grow.
  • January 30 Media Statement on CALPASC and PDCC leaders commending Insurance Commissioner and State Agencies in crackdown of unscrupulous employers.

2011 Press Releases and Media Statements (in reverse chronological order)

  • December 12 Press Release on a coalition of frustrated employers, businesses, associations and labor representatives coming together in late November to hear from a panel of agency chiefs on efforts to chip away at the underground construction economy. CALPASC facilitated the discussion.
  • December 9 Press Release on SB 459, which CALPASC views as one more tool to address the construction underground economy. The new law reinforces the message of our LEVEL Program.
  • November 3 Press Release on CALPASC wanting Insurers and State Enforcement Agencies to call contractors' practices into question before a life is lost.
  • October 24 Press Release on CALPASC urging builders to examine contractors' practices as part of compliance efforts. It includes five specific pro-active steps builders should take to maximize the chances of hiring compliant subcontractors.
  • September 15 Press Release to clarify that investigation of national builders is not a union versus builder matter as portrayed in the Wall Street Journal.  
  • September 12 Press Release on positive regulatory reform (SB 617 and AB 29) for more effective enforcement in construction and saving taxpayers' money.
  • August 24 Press Release on CALPASC's support of Butte County resolution as template for all California counties to reinforce State Licensing Board's efforts.
  • July 29 Press Release on CALPASC's warning to homeowners about hiring contractors who could be "players" in the underground economy.
  • June 29 Media Statement on Monica Ung, Owner and President of NBC General Contractor Corporation, sentence to prison. CALPASC commends collaborative efforts of government agencies.
  • May 23 Press Release on how UC Davis prequalified a GC (Brown Construction) even after its subcontractors were ordered to pay millions for volating labor codes and being arrested for felony insurance fraud.
  • May 19 Media Statement on CALPASC's supports of the DIR and Cal/OSHA's aggressive pursuit of construction violators. Click here for the original press release.
  • April 14 Press Release on national builders and subcontractors trying to beat the system by illegally hiring uncertified electricians.  
  • March 15 Press Release on CALPASC's backing of recently confirmed Secretary of the Labor and Workforce Development Agency, Marty Morgenstern, and synergy with Morgenstern's goals and State Agencies' actions to debar and penalize corrupt contractor.
  • March 3 Press Release on builder citation for lack of fall protection, and Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones' announcement of the conviction of a Los Gatos construction business owner for insurance fraud and perjury ($1.6 million penalty for failure to pay premiums and failure to accurately report payroll).
  • February 16 Press Release on our support of Governor Brown's hiring freeze with exemptions for construction enforcement agencies.
  • January 31 Press Release on the growth of the LEVEL coalition working together to nail dishonest employers
  • January 20 Press Release on CALPASC joining forces with the CSLB to crack down on flagrant violators.